A Maze'n Farmyard

Centrally located between Willmar, St. Cloud, and Hutchinson, A Maze’n Farmyard is a one-of-a-kind Minnesota family entertainment center that offers a wide variety of old-fashioned attractions. Kids and adults alike enjoy trying to solve the puzzle of the expansive maze with the help of a “maze card,” as well as enjoy the fast-paced fun at the Bounce Barn and the Giant Slide. A Maze’n Farmyard also features wagon rides and mini golf, as well as pony rides that provide families with an excellent opportunity to take pictures. Filled with small corn kernels, the Corn Pit is a unique alternative to the traditional sandbox.

Another major A Maze’n Farmyard attraction is a barn housing a wide range of farm animals. Children are encouraged to interact with the animals through feeding and petting. Outside animal attractions include the Chicken Coop, Goat Bridge, and Pigeon House.

Open from Memorial Day through October, A Maze’n Farmyard presents a number of special seasonal events, including the Fall Festival. At the festival, families participate in activities such as pumpkin painting and the Challenge Maze. They are welcome to bring old clothes and build a unique scarecrow using farm-provided stuffing.